A Gaijin in the land of Goyom


23 August 1983
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Hello, I am PopeJewish the Furst and Pwnly, welcome to my life.

I have a B.A. in Asian History and will soon be moving to Japan to teach English with Interac, Co. Until then I work at Brothers' Custom Windows in San Carlos and do the general hang out and play video games thing (be they on the xbox 360, wii, or my PC). I also watch a lot of movies and tv series, cause I'm interesting like that ;) I haven't practiced martial arts in awhile but it's definitely something I want to get back in to, as I'm a 7th kyuu green belt in Bujin-kan Ninjutsu-do as well as having studied Saber Fencing for 2 years and various other martial arts for mixed periods of time.